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Verizon Galaxy Tab Price Drops to $499.99!

Verizon has dropped their version of Galaxy Tab to just $499.99.  For those of you who have bought the Tab for $599 in the last 14 days, Verizon will be offering refunds.

Of course, we think the price for Galaxy Tab will drop even further next week when Galaxy Tab 2 is announced (supposedly).

We will be heading over the Las Vegas tomorrow to get all the hands-on reviews of the latest Android tablets so watch out for that.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to Verizon?

For those of you itching your scalp to get hands on a 3G-enabled Android tablet on a stable network like Verizon, your wishes might just come true as Samsung Galaxy Tab has appeared in Verizon’s inventory database.

We are pretty sure about this and wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung Galaxy Tab is available across all major U.S. carriers as it has been the same case for the Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphones.

Whatever the case, we are excited something is coming soon from Samsung.

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