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India $35 Android Tablet Launching Soon!

The Indian government is backing a new $35 7-inch Android tablet that will be launched later this month that comes with a keyboard, video conferencing software, wifi, usb port, 32GB internal store, and 2GB of RAM.

These are actually pretty good specs considering that a 32GB microSD card will run you more than $35.

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$50 Allgo Android Tablet from India!

After only about a week after we told you about the $35 Android Tablet that the Indian government is working on, now another Indian company called Allgo is working on a $50 Android tablet.

Of course, that’s only wholesale price but still that’s still not a lot of money to pay for a tablet device and we think there will be a slew of great, capacitative Android tablets coming out end of next year for about $50.

Allgo has actually been showing its technology off

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$35 Android Tablet from India!

We have no idea how India’s Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal has been able to bring a 7-inch resistive Android Tablet with 2GB of RAM, micro SD slot, 3G/Wifi, and Android OS for just $35. But it may be that the Indian government has some good connections for manufacturing.

Who knows, maybe Indian government can start exporting these to the U.S. At $99, I think it’s still a steal and could be a good thing for educational purposes. (Did you hear that a California private high school is actually buying up iPads for their students? I don’t th

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