Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G Coming to Sprint!

Hurray, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G will be coming to Sprint this November, that means the Galaxy Tab will officially become the first 4G-enabled tablet device in the U.S.

We have heard that Sprint is currently targeting a November release for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet. Pricing for the CDMA device has not yet been disclosed to us. UPDATE: We’re also hearing it is a 3G/4G device!

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Viewsonic ViewPad 7 Android Tablet Gets Official!


We told you when we first started this site that there would be a “slew” of Android tablets headed for the consumer market by end of 2010.  Well, we are almost getting there and here’s Viewsonic ViewPad 7, which is official!

ViewPad 7 will be the first 7-inch Android tablet that comes loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo plus front and back-facing cameras. Man, I love tablets.

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Press Release:

31st August

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10.1 inch Hannspree Android Tablet!


Hannspree is also working on a 10.1-inch Android tablet loaded with features like Android 2.2 Froyo, Flash Player 10.1, 1080P HD playback, mini HDMI outputs, and a whole lot.  This are probably the best specs we’ve seen so far on an Android tablet.

We still don’t know if this will go onto the market but if it does, we have no doubt it will be one of the better Android tablets you can get with performance much better than an iPad for sheezy.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming to Verizon?


For those of you itching your scalp to get hands on a 3G-enabled Android tablet on a stable network like Verizon, your wishes might just come true as Samsung Galaxy Tab has appeared in Verizon’s inventory database.

We are pretty sure about this and wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung Galaxy Tab is available across all major U.S. carriers as it has been the same case for the Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphones.

Whatever the case, we are excited something is coming soon from Samsung.

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LG Optimus Pad Android Tablet!


Apparently, we have first news on LG’s Android Tablet, it’s going to be called Optimus Pad and will be “superior”, “thinner”, and “lighter” than other Android tablets and iPads.

Looks pretty promising and we can’t wait to get our hands on one, we will have in-depth review of this Android tablet when it surfaces to the market.

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StreamTV Elocity A7 7-inch Android Tablet!


StreamTV, a start-up company based out of Philadelphia, is going to be launching their new 7-inch Android tablet, the Elocity A7, which comes loaded with a capacitative touchscreen, 800×480 pixel screen, and also ability to stream out movies to your HDTV in crisp, clear 1080P resolution.

The highlight of this new device is its low price of $399 and the ability to stream 1080P videos so it can be useful as a portable media player.

On the other hand, the Elocity A7 won’t be coming with an Android Market due to restrictions but we believe it’s not going t

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Launch Date!


Samsung Galaxy Tab gets official launch date as of today, it’s coming September 2nd 2010 to Berlin, Germany.  Does that mean it will be available in the States too?  We are pretty sure, we think it’s being unveiled in Berlin, Samsung decided it’s a good place to launch their new Android tablets.

See Samsung Galaxy Tab official website

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Spy Video!

Looks like someone has gotten a spy video of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab prototype (without the knowledge of the prototype holder). Watch this video as this guy with the Samsung Galaxy Tab gets heckled, sorta funny as hell.

Electronista today had the opportunity to spy a Samsung Galaxy Tab in live testing in Sydney, Australia. The device, spotted in the hands of an anonymous telco

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$50 Allgo Android Tablet from India!


After only about a week after we told you about the $35 Android Tablet that the Indian government is working on, now another Indian company called Allgo is working on a $50 Android tablet.

Of course, that’s only wholesale price but still that’s still not a lot of money to pay for a tablet device and we think there will be a slew of great, capacitative Android tablets coming out end of next year for about $50.

Allgo has actually been showing its technology off

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Viewsonic Working on Dual Booting Android Tablet with Windows!


Hey, who said we need to stick with just one operating system?  Viewsonic is already working on a dual-bootin’ Android tablet that will be able to also boot Windows.

I think this is a great idea as the tablet becomes more useful in many ways and I’ve like to see even Ubuntu being triple-booted, that would make Android tablets not only great as media devices but as portable servers.

ViewSonic will show off a 7-inch Android tablet at IFA called the ViewPad 7, alongside an Intel-based 10-inch tablet that will dual-boot Windows and Android. The Californian man

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