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Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet!

It looks like the chip-giant Samsung, has just leaked some new information about their latest Samsung Galaxy android tablet.  There’s no official word (and the photo was erased from the tweet) but it looks like there’s one more company who’s going to be making Android Tablets, go Samsung.

This is definitely going to be interesting with Samsung getting in on the Android tablet market/game.   With a load of experience making HDTVs and AMOLED displays, I hope they start selling some of the best Android tablets to be seen, crossing my fingers now.

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MSI WindPad 110 Android Tablet Review!

MSI showed off its MSI WindPad 110, an Android Tablet running Android OS 2.1.   The new 10-inch MSI WindPad looks very promising, it runs Intel Atom processor and GMA graphic card. Also there’s a capacitative touchscreen which I like.

The WindPad is also available as Windows 7 so there’s a good possibility that users might be able to easily install dual-boot for both Windows 7 and Android, that would be actually more ideal, give us more options for using it.

The WindPad supports Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, GPS, webcam, and a USB port. The battery is said t

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Marvell 10-inch Android Tablet Spotted!

The guys over at Engadget blog were able to get a hold of the Marvell’s new 10-inch Android tablet.  There’s no word on much other than it runs Armada 610 processor, and that it will run Android 2.1 Eclair.

This is fantastic news as this might be one of the first bigger iPad-like Android tablets to hit the market, all with Android 2.1 goodies. (And if it’s 2.1 already, 2.2 Froyo upgrade should be easy and coming along the way too.)

The Marvell executives wouldn’t let the Engadget bloggers to turn the device on but we suspect that it’s st

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