MSI WindPad 110 Android Tablet Review!

MSI showed off its MSI WindPad 110, an Android Tablet running Android OS 2.1.   The new 10-inch MSI WindPad looks very promising, it runs Intel Atom processor and GMA graphic card. Also there’s a capacitative touchscreen which I like.

The WindPad is also available as Windows 7 so there’s a good possibility that users might be able to easily install dual-boot for both Windows 7 and Android, that would be actually more ideal, give us more options for using it.

The WindPad supports Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, GPS, webcam, and a USB port. The battery is said to be around eight hours.

Also see hands-on review video of the MSI Windpad 110:

My initial thoughts are that MSI will do a pretty good job of putting WindPad on the market as they have a good overall track record with netbooks and touchscreen tablets in the past.  We can’t wait to get our hands on one.  Price should be around $399, perhaps coming at the end of this year.

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