iPad 2 vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1 Smackdown!

A lot of you are probably wondering which is better, the iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Well, I got to really get down deep and dirty with both tablets and was surprised to find out which tablet is the clear winner.

Display Winner – Galaxy Tab 10.1

First, the iPad 2 comes with a 9.7″ screen with 1024×768 resolution while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes with 10.1″ screen with a whopping 1280×800 resolution screen.  This means clearer and bigger display real estate for the Tab 10.1 while iPad 2 lacks behind with its lower resolution and very pixelated screen where you can see the dots in the fonts.

(iPad 2 shown above shows pixelation occuring.)

(Galaxy Tab 10.1 has almost zero pixelation.)

Sound Winner – Galaxy Tab 10.1

The iPad 2 comes with at best an abysmal mono/single speaker that is quite loud but is not sophisticated enough for audiophiles like myself.  Just being loud doesn’t make great speakers.

For the Galaxy Tab 10.1, sound is greatly enhanced with stereo as it possesses TWO not one speakers, one on each side while held in horizontal fashion.  Once you try Tab 10.1’s speakers, you will never go back to the an iPad 2, it’s just that good and sound is clearly one of the most important features in a tablet device.

Speed/Multi-Tasking Winner – Galaxy Tab 10.1

The iPad 2 showed its ugly side while browsing the web, you can see grey checkerboarding and lots of lag while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has none, nevermind a rooted Tab 10.1 can be overclocked to 1.4Ghz dual-core while iPad 2 is stuck on 1Ghz dual-core.

(iPad 2 shows half the display being checkerboarded while browsing web on normal wifi, so ugly and slow….)

Multi-tasking on the Tab 10.1 was far more easier and faster while iPad 2 started gaggin’ when multiple apps were run at the same time.

Thinness/Form Factor Winner – Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 “feels” twice lighter than an iPad 2 when held in your hands, it’s almost weightless while the iPad 2 feels like a thick slab of metal.  Actually, the Tab 10.1 IS physically lighter and iPad 2 is a slab of metal (maybe too much).

I think the difference is that the Tab 10.1 is much longer than the iPad 2, distributing the weight all across the tablet much better so it feel much lighter in your hands.

Also, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is 0.2mm thinner than iPad 2.  That’s not that much but Tab 10.1 is officially the thinnest tablet in the world and for those of us who care about fitting out tablet into our laptop bag, even 0.2mm thinner puts smiles on our faces.

Camera/Camcorder Winner – Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes with a camera sensor that’s THREE times bigger than the iPad 2.  This all just means it can take better photos/videos and here’s some shots I took below to prove the point in slightly low light, a great reference point for comparing camera capabilities.

(Above – Galaxy Tab back camera)

(Above – iPad 2 back camera)

As you can see, iPad 2’s camera lacks far behind Galaxy Tab 10.1’s superior colors, clarity, and pretty much everything.

If taking photos/videos with your tablet means anything, Tab 10.1 is clearly the winner.

User Interface Winner – Galaxy Tab 10.1

I found that Galaxy Tab 10.1’s Android Honeycomb OS (which was built for tablets) was more user-intuitive versus iPad 2, which virtually is a big giant phone.

Tab 10.1’s Honeycomb OS comes with advanced tablet features like being able to switch between apps easily, custom widgets, and other shortcut key features missing with the iPad 2, which hasn’t really improved their UI much since iPhone 3G.  iPad 2 still only lets the user do so much like move around icons and use a single physical button for everything while Tab 10.1 does all that and a whole lot more.

Overall, if you compare the hardware specs of Galaxy Tab 10.1 versus iPad 2, you would think an iPad 2 would cost at least $100-200 less but no, iPad 2 16GB is the same price as the Galaxy Tab 10.1.   It’s clear that Apple is losing in the war of tablets.  They might still have the best marketing in the world to sell their lacking tablets to brand whores but it’s not going to last at the rate Android tablet companies like Samsung are innovating.

Innovation is what us consumers want to by and clearly, Galaxy Tab 10.1 is very innovative while iPad 2 seems just so old.

If Apple would lower their iPad 2 prices to near $199 or $249, I could see that it would be a good deal but not otherwise.


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