ASUS Transformer Prime Review!

Thinking about getting the best Android tablet on earth right now? (Or just the best tablet that’s better than iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1?)

The ASUS EeePad Transformer Prime is exactly that, this tablet is the world’s thinnest tablet device at just 8.3mm thick with the world’s first Nvidia quad-core processor.

Not only that, the Transformer Prime gives you a microSD card slot (so you can extend the storage to additional 32GB), and also comes with microHDMI slot so you can mirror your 720P HD screen to your HDTV.  (iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 do not have these awesome features btw.)

And with all of these extra features added, you still get the thinnest form factor at 8.3mm thick, which is just amazing.

With the Transformer Prime, you will find that everything is butter smooth and runs faster.  Not only that, the Transformer Prime is the only tablet in the world to be able to take advantage of HD games that are optimized for the quad-core processor.

In addition to the quad-core processor, the Transformer Prime packs an additional 500Mhz processor that gets used for low-power processes in the background, saving you battery power.

Not convinced yet?

The Transformer Prime also comes with IPS screen, which is the brightest screen on the tablet market right now, allowing you to have great viewing angles even in direct sunlight.  In our testing, the Transformer Prime did edge out the Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen in outdoor sunlight tests.

With the Transformer Prime, you should be able to get through the year 2012 and through 2013 without an upgrade as its quad-core processor is the heart of it all and this maybe a good investment before other companies come out with quad-core tablets.

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