$35 Android Tablet from India!

We have no idea how India’s Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal has been able to bring a 7-inch resistive Android Tablet with 2GB of RAM, micro SD slot, 3G/Wifi, and Android OS for just $35. But it may be that the Indian government has some good connections for manufacturing.

Who knows, maybe Indian government can start exporting these to the U.S. At $99, I think it’s still a steal and could be a good thing for educational purposes. (Did you hear that a California private high school is actually buying up iPads for their students? I don’t think that makes sense dollarwise but with these $35 Android tablets, it does make sense for every school including public.)

What this means is simply that manufacturers across the world can actually bring down the cost of an Android Tablet a lot more, perhaps down to around $50.

Really though, an Android Tablet is not much more than a digital frame, OS is virtually free and easily implemented into brands.

Here’s a video showing proof that the $35 Android Tablet is not hype:

via engadget, ndtv

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