Elocity A10 10.1-inch Android Tablet Review!

Elocity A10 is probably the “best” 10.1 inch Android tablet I saw at CES 2011, mostly due to the fact that I like the slim form factor while it still gives you a full HDMI and USB port.  And USB can be used as host meaning you can attach all kinds of USB peripherals and should work easily with Android OS.   This also brings up the possibility of easily converting it into a dual-boot system with Linux or Windows (or maybe even Mac).

I know Motorola Xoom is also a great tablet but for some reason I forgot to get hands-on with it.  This is a fantastic 10.1 inch tablet and I don’t think you will find many others as good.

The Elocity A10 packs a dual-core processor (Tegra 2 T250), HDMI output for full 1080P outputting to your HDTV, Android 2.2 (upgradeable Honeycomb), 1366×768 resolution, 4-256GB, and up to 96GB with USB/SD card.

Since the Elocity A10 has USB host feature, that means you can easily hook up your external hard drives for more storage, perhaps for all your movies.

Here’s a side look of the Elocity A10, doesn’t it look clean?

I like these pop-up sides, so it hides everything and you can open it to insert an SD card.

The other side of the Elocity A10 has a USB port, HDMI port, and SIM card slot.

Elocity A10 is super slim, thinner and lighter than an iPad.

The bottom of the Elocity A10 shown here.

The highlight of Elocity A10 Android tablet isn’t hardware but form factor and thinness/lightness.

I think I will pre-order one next week.

Should be available for pre-order starting next week the 18th at ElocityNow.com.

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