Archos Launches $99 Arnova Android Tablet!

A great thing about Android tablets? ¬†Anyone can afford them! ¬†Archos just announced that they will be launching the $99 Arnova 7-inch Android tablet, which comes with 4GB flash memory, 800×480 screen capable of playing 720P HD vids, USB 2.0 Host/Slave (meaning you can connect your USB hard drives), Android Froyo 2.2, WiFi b/g, and microSD slot.

The Arnova tablet doesn’t come with a camera but with its USB host mode, you might just be able to hack any webcam on it.

Of course, at $99, this is probably one of the best tablet bargains out there, and I do see many uses for this low-priced tablet, perhaps for educational uses in high school and college.

via arnova

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