Welcome to Android Tablet Reviews blog!  We are all about reviewing the best Android tablets on the market today (or coming up in the near future).

My name is Max Lee, I have a tech blog over at Zedomax.com.  During Web 2.0 Expo, I got to see one of the very first Android Tablet prototypes hands-on.  Of course, I was very excited over the news that a “slew” of android tablets are expected to hit the market by end of 2010.

Anyways, this blog is to cover every Android Tablet that comes out (and existing ones), I hope you enjoy my personal reviews and other Android Tablet news you can expect to receive.

Want to reach us?  E-mail Max at zedomax dot com.

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  1. Zaen says:

    Based on your review about comparasion between Ipad 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, its samsung the winner. But How do you deal with the watermark or Newtons Ring on its Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen? Do you have any review about that? thanx.

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